Terms & Conditions


Hi, we’re WeaverMart.  It’s good to meet you and we’re really glad you’re interested on becoming vendor with us.

  1. WeaverMart operates similarly to other well known MarketPlaces with some notable differences. Those differences will be outlined in these Terms and Conditions. 
  2. Becoming an vendor is easy, all you need to do is select "Become a Vendor" from the menu at the top of this (or any) page. These additional terms for vendors (‘Vendor Terms’) are an extra part of the Weaver Mart Terms that apply specifically to vendprs on the WeaverMart Market. You’ll need to agree to them before you can become an vendor. These govern the relationships, rights and obligations of vendors to us and buyers using WeaverMart Market. You agree to put your items on WeaverMart Market and make them available to buyers on the basis stated in the WeaverMart Market Terms and these Vendor Terms.


Differences from other Market Places

Other market places usually require that you ONLY sell your products via their market place. We here at Weaver Mart think that is not very cool and allow you to reserve the right to sell your items anywhere you want including on the WeaverMart Market.

Most Market Places have a 30/70 split ... meaning that you (the vendor) recieve 70% of the selling price of your item for each sale while the market place recieves 30%. We have never been a fan of that sort of set up and we have designed this site so that you (the vendor) recieve 95% of the price of your item for each one that sells. Yeah, we thought that you would like that!


What items can be sold on WeaverMart?

WeaverMart is currently setup to allow you to sell "digital" goods (Nothing that needs to ship). This includes themes, stacks, templates, snippets, graphics for websites, RW Project files, etc ... Items that can be sold are not restricted to the RapidWeaver ecosystem. You can feel free to seel templates for Pulse CMS, Sandvox, Blocs, WordPress etc ...


How Are Payments Distributed

WeaverMart uses a new feature of Paypal called "PayPal adaptive payments". This will essentially process payments and split the payment at the point of sale (you, the vendor, recieves 95% and WeaverMart recieves 5%). This all happens "in real time" meaning that you do not have to worry about "commisions" or "withdrawals".